With so many vaible options from Watch Stores to the Interent, selling a watch or anything for that matter has become a little tricky to navigate. Lots of our customers often ask why they shouid sell to us? instead of a store or on ebay.
Going to sell a watch to a “Watch Retailer” isnt always the smartest idea. Theyre in the business of selling you New watches and for them buying a Used watch without a trade isnt worth while. Therefore theyre inclined to offer very low prices for everything from Omega to Rolex to Patek Philippe. Often they offer lower than expected prices because they are not financially equiped to deal in the high volume trade of buying watches,. Retailers receive Watches, Jewelry or Diamonds for that matter on a consignment or payment plan basis. Another point needed to be taken in to account is the fact that most retailers do not employ a ‘watch expert or watchmaker”. A expert or watchmaker plays a crucial role in determining the authencity of a watch and whether all the parts are orginal. Because they do not employ a watchmaker or expert full time or even at all , the customer that wants to sell the watch must leave and await a price and “executive desicion “ . Sometimes this process can take a couple of days to even a couple of weeks.
The interenet route, isnt always as fast or safe . And more many isnt even an option theyd consider. Placing an expensive watch online and then mailing it to parts and parties unkown scare mostly everyone. But if you are the risk taker or adventuer and still want to sell online, thinking youd GET MORE. Here are some things to consider. Take ebay for example. If you place an ad on ebay for a very expensive watch, say Audemars Piguet or Hublot. With no prior history of selling high-end or luxury watches , Ebay will take down your post. Mainly do to the fear you are selling a fake or replica and are some scammer. Even if you do manage to sell the watch on ebay keep in mind the fees youll pay, sometimes amounting to 10% of your total sale. Also just because you sold the watch doesnt mean youre done and should sit bad and relax. Besides the constant hounding and loads of emails you answered, you now have to send the watch half way around the world to someone you do not know. Insuring the watch or jewelry item gets there properly and without any hickups is a stressful few days. Fast forward to the item being recieved. The buyer still has almost 2 weeks from the time the item arrived to change there mind. So you mean to tell me I posted the watch, I answererd question after question, I mailed the watch, and its still not sold? One word answer, YES!!! The buyer can still send it back and the reason could be the watch was too big or too small or too heavy or too light and on and on.
So the reason Manhattan Buyers Inc has had success since our inception. Is because we cater to the customer and take your headaches of selling upon ourselves for a small fee. We know the business very well and know exactly how to sell your Jewelry, Diamonds,Watches. Whether it is Online, through our world wide network of Dealers, trade shows or jewelry shows or to our Private Clients. We come up with all of these solutions after you’ve been paid in full. We employ watch and diamond experts on staff, coin experts and auction experts. We understand you want the most and are always prepared to give you our honest advice and service.
To conclude, yes theyre alot of options. And yes, some of them take longer than others. One thing for sure is that we at Manhattan Buyers make things as easy as possible and are a relaible source when it comes to selling Fine Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, GIA certified, Patek, Rolex as well as other brands.