Whoever said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, could not have said something more right. I am sure all women would love nothing better than to have a closet full of diamond jewelry. These beautiful precious stones can make the wearer look chic, sophisticated and well-dressed. Diamonds to do not have aesthetic value only, they are also a very good investment. In case, you ever need extra money, all you need to do is sell your diamonds for cash.

Most often, when our jewelry breaks or we lose a part of a pair of earrings we do not bother to get it repaired or a second earring made. Damaged jewelry just lies in our closet and takes up useless place. It may be damaged but, it has not lost its value. You can sell your damaged items and make an investment of it.

There are three ways to sell diamonds for cash. You could either sell your diamonds to a local jeweler, a pawn shop or to a diamond buyer. Selling your items to local jewelers and pawn shops are not a very good idea. They do not offer the best rates. In fact, some pawn shops and jewelers do not even offer you as much a half of what your diamonds are worth. On the other hand, diamond buyers offer the actual worth of your diamonds. Another advantage of selling your precious stone to a buyer is that there is no waiting period. Pawn shops and jewelers make you wait for as long as one month before they give you the money for the transaction. But, if you sell your items to a buyer you will get your cash within a couple of days.

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