Topic of discuss in recent news, is celebrites with their custom made jewelry. These days if you’re a person of stature or a wannabe with a trust fund, you need a celebrity Jeweler to make you your very own designed custom Jewelry and “Diamond Out” watch. Why would you wear something that everyone has; when you can make something that popped in to your head one night while you were popping bottles at a Miami Night Club, Lol.

With the birth of Instagram, everyone wants to stand out. Everyone has access to Floyd Mayweather, Drake and Lil Wayne all day, everyday. Their followers see new trends not in a week or a month, they saw it yesterday. Now here come these rich trust fund kids that follow Rappers, Celebs and they notice new chains, bracelets, watches and want the same but a little different. So they come to local jewelers or custom order jewelry from the top guys in the country to try to equate their own celebrity status.

Ordering your one of a kind jewelry item isn’t easy. Like a tattoo you have to be sure. Any changes made after the piece is finished isn’t recommmened and will probably hinder the overall look or design as well as the quality of the item in question. So now its ordered and you dont hate it but you dont love it either. You wear it time to time but it mainly sits in your jewelry tray at home. You start to feel bad for all the money you spent and decide you like to sell.

When the thought of selling has occured you have to understand that your loss factor would be greater on custom created works of jewelry than the usual norm. Most people out there probably aren’t in tune with your design and or name intials or whatever else you contorted.
Thus making custom made jewlery one of the worst investments or purchases of value you can make.